To Zoo Beginnings

Recently, I’ve realized that I have no creative outlet. After years of reading and writing papers in college, I feel no desire to read. Even after graduating this past summer and taking a break, there’s nothing there. Writing had previously been my go to for expression. For a while now, I have been creatively dead.

My boyfriend encouraged me months ago to start blogging again. And when I brainstormed some ideas, I discovered that all of my hobbies are expensive. It happens that I love expensive food and places, and that if I wanted to pick up photography again, that I needed a camera, and that could quickly burn a hole in my pocket.


Boyfriend (n): Male companion, and is generally liked more than other humans by his girlfriend. Likes: spoiling his girlfriend and gaming. And Mountain Dew. Can be lured with any of these things, and peanut butter.

But as I thought about it, this was something I needed to do—had to, in order to tap into that creative side of mine, or risk losing it, like I have with reading and writing.

So for my birthday, I asked for a camera.

I’m rusty, and there’s no guarantee that this blog will be any good, but I’m ignoring that and deciding to focus on what inspires me. To push my limits, to push myself creatively. In many ways, this almost more for me than anything else, but I figured I might as well share what I’m learning about myself, writing, and photography as well.

I’m restarting this blog.

That’s right, you heard correctly dear reader. Back in college I started this blog for a class, and it was all over the place just like my life was (still is, to be honest), because I had no idea what I would blog about. I did it for the grade, and now I’m finally doing it for myself. As I already had a blog, I decided to revamp it, and marry my two loves of photography and writing.

You’ll probably see a little bit of everything on here, as I mentioned earlier that I have many interests.

But for now, you can experience some of my birthday weekend with me.


Capuchin monkey (n): Not boyfriend, but can be easily confused with one. Is just as adorable as boyfriend. Girlfriend likes these almost as much as she does her boyfriend.

Boyfriend took me to the zoo, which just opened for the year a few weekends ago. I haven’t been to my local zoo in nearly a decade, and I’ve never had a clear shot of a red panda (my favorite animal).

As I post, I plan to feature a few photos with the piece that accompanies it, but there may not always be a full post with the photos. Or there may not be photos. I’m really just figuring this out as I go.

I do plan to post all of the photos on here onto an instagram account. When I figure out what I’m gonna name the darn thing, then I’ll make sure the links get up for you to check out.

But until then, here’s the beginning of another adventure.