I haven’t posted in a while. Which is horrible, and I could cite all of the things I’ve had going on, but it’s really no excuse. Especially when the biggest reason is that I simply haven’t felt the motivation to shoot or work on what I do have.

But I finally finished editing photos from my brother’s 11th birthday party, and photos from the Fourth of July. I’m excited for a variety of reasons (besides finishing the photos). After months of waiting for the perfect occasion, I got to use my monopod.

You heard me right, but I’ll say it louder for the people in the back.

On Independence Day, I got to use my camera’s monopod.

I’ve been waiting to take this baby out of the box, and with the kids playing with sparklers, it seemed as if it’s moment had arrived.

And it worked wonderfully. Unfortunately, I’m a doofus, and forgot all of my lessons (from over three years ago) on how to use the long exposure.

You’ll see my failure in my Independence Day gallery I’ll post later, but I hope I can try it again after brushing up on some sites and forums later. My photography professor would be highly disappointed in me, but we won’t dwell on that.

Frankly, when I unwrapped the camera gear Boyfriend got me for my birthday, I was a bit disappointed with the monopod (as I thought it was a tripod when we looked up camera kits). I figured I would never in my life use this thing.


Taken with my Samsung Galaxy s8

I am pleasantly surprised. Opteka’s MP100 monopod worked well with my Nikon. I had no problems connecting it (it connected smoothly), and the grip was incredibly comfortable. I made sure that I kept the camera around my neck just in case it fell off (I’m a bit paranoid), but I needn’t have worried, as it never even gave an indication of coming unscrewed from the bottom of the camera. There was even a handy wrist strap, which was a nice addition.

As you can see on the box, it extends a full 67″, but as a 5’3″ girl, I had no need for all of that. There are three clasps to “customize” how tall you need it to be. They were secure, and easy to use. With some clasps, you need to strong arm it, or they’re extremely loose, and neither was the case with this.

My favorite part was that the base swivels.

And the convenient bag it came in. There is a strap to carry it on the shoulder, or I can rough it and carry it in my hands.

I will note that although I like this product, I still hope to get a bonafide tripod at some point, as they’re still the best thing around. I’m really excited for the next time I might get to use this. I didn’t expect how useful it was, and hopefully when I try those long exposures again I can use this.